Sincere apology for NOT having updated these pages regularly/ according to the weekly schedule since 1998. Among other things, this was mainly due to:

(i) an occassional hardware problem;

(ii) a change in the nature of my secular duties which allow me to have much less "spare time" and which sometimes cause me to be "outstation";

(iii) enrollment into a postgraduate distance learning course which is imposing a very heavy demand on my time.

(iv) inability to access the DSL site at geocities for several months (since Yahoo took over Geocities) until, Deo Gratias, somewhat recently!!

So please excuse the hiccups, now and again.

Bar the excuses, the update should still be as scheduled...

God willing.

Please pray for me.



P.S. It may not be the first time you are seeing this "excuses page". By the grace and mercy of God, let's pray it is the last.

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