Catholic Churches.


By and large, the Roman Catholic Church is one united church built by Our Lord Jesus Christ as Holy, Universal (catholic), Apostolic. It is a church founded solidly upon biblical truths as well as being steeped in holy tradition developed particularly and importantly by its communion of saints over the past two millenium.

As much as it is a heavenly church, it is also a physical, earthly church and as such is also bound by physical laws, as created by God, and at times dependent on and influenced by the humanity of its leaders and its members on this earth.

The lists of Archdioceses, Dioceses, Cathedrals, Churches here reflect the diversity and catholicity of the Church which is both spiritual and physical. In the main, however, it is the Church of God, of Christ which, by Divine Promise will last in its Christian Integrity till the end of time.

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General Communions, Conferences, Groups.