Hall of Saints.


This Hall of Saints will include not only Patron Saints but saints honored for other specific purposes such as being the protomartyr for a particular region of the world. If all goes well, this list will grow gradually, by the week.


Patron Saints:

sphgold.gifPatron of the Negros: St. Peter Claver.


St. Peter Claver, S.J. (1581-1654) was unable to abolish the slave trade, but he did what he could to mitigate its horrors, once the slaves arrived in the New World, by bringing them the consolations of religion and ministering to their bodily wants. He landed in Cartagena in 1610 and for forty years strove to alleviate their lot, with true apostolic fervor, declaring himself "the slave of the Negroes forever."

Patron Saint (also) of:
- African missions,
- African-Americans,
- Against slavery,
- Black Missions.
- Black People,
- Columbia,
- Foreign Missions,
- Inter-racial Justice,
- Missionaries,
- People named Peter,
- Race Relations, and
- Slavery.

Feastday: 9 September.

sphgold.gifPatron Saint of Scientists: St. Dominic de Guzman.

Patron Saint (also) of:
- Astronomers,
- Astronomy,
- Dominican Republic, and;
- Falsley accused people.


sphgold.gifServus Servorum Dei: St. Gregory the Great.
(Servant of the servants of God.)

St. Gregory, one of the greatest Popes, was a tireless apostolate, which merited for him the title of Great, one of only two Popes in History so titled. Despite his prestige, St. Gregory called himself Servus Servorum Dei - Servant of the servants of God - a title still retained by his successors.
Feastday: 3 September.


sphgold.gifPope of the Eucharist: St. Pius X.

St. Pius X was simply a man of God. Faithful to his motto - to renew all things in Christ - he implemented liturgical renewal and biblical studies. He passed into history as the Pope of the Eucharist for allowing First Communion at the age of seven, the age of reason, rather than 14 and for exhorting the people to receive the Body of Christ frequently. Sadly, some diocese have reversed some of his good works in recent times; First Communion is no longer allowed until at least 13 years of age.
In his last will he wrote:

I was born poor.
I have lived poor.
I wish to die poor.


sphgold.gifProtomartyrs of Uganda: St. Charles Lwanga & Companions.


sphgold.gifMartyr of Auschwitz: St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe.

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