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This page list websites which provide news and general information on Catholic Christian activities happening in various parts of the world.

Black Catholic Information Mall

The Black Catholic Information Mall (BCIMall) is a project of the Catholic African World Network to establish a constant flow of communications among the 200 million Catholics of African descent in the world today. The BCIMall Home Page is a 'Virtual Global Parish ...

Catholic Information Center on Internet

Founded under the Holy See Observer Mission to the United Nations, the Catholic Information Center on Internet is a non-profit organization providing Internet connectivity to Dioceses and parishes worldwide. Extensive internal databases available..

Catholic Information Network (CIN)

All free information service including Church documents; Mass readings; prayers; saints' lives; Pope John Paul II's writings; popular mail lists on homeschooling, Carmelites, charismatics, Eastern Church, pro-life, natural family planning; news and discussion

November stats show that CIN at over 300 hits per day is probably the most popular catholic site on the web.

Catholic Family Perspectives.

A forum for the presentation of Catholic perspectives on issues which affect families generally or the Catholic family in particular. Each issue will include several short articles written either by the editors or others who clearly share the editors' love for the Roman Catholic Church in fidelity to...

Catholic Kiosk.

A public service Catholic Kiosk Information web from Cincicinnati, Ohio including Christ, The Holy See, General Intentions, Daily Mass Readings and Reflection, current Catholic News, Top Ten Recommended Catholic Websites and more.

Catholic World News.

Include articles, news briefs, Vatican updates, & features...indexed at PetersNet, a new web-wide Catholic search site... Each site and its resources arecarefully described, and each site is reviewed and graded in such areas as Catholic orthodoxy, originality andquality of implementation.

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    Eternal Word Television Network. ETWN Global Catholic Network. ..daily news reports, television highlights, novenas, largest collections of Church documents, daily Scripture readings, shows, exciting talk shows, Scripture and teaching programs, as well as a news show offering summaries of the latest developments from the Vatican and feature stories from around the world.


    Heaven offers fresh, insightful, humorous play on inspirational issues for people of all faiths. Heaven emphasizes spiritual, how-to advice for daily living. Brought to you by Catholic Digest

    Information Leaflets on the Roman Catholic Faith.

    Leaflets of Faith authors a series of free leaflets on various aspects of the Roman Catholic faith in modern times with a prayer site for prayer requests.


    Katolicka Agencja Informacyjna Catholic News Agency (of Poland).KAI - Catholic Information Agency, in Poland, is one of twenty Catholic information agencies in the world. KAI exchanges information with other Catholic news services around the world, including KNA (Germany)...

    Radio Vatican.

    Welcome to Vatican Radio, Vatican City. Laudetur Jesus Christus. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY - VATICAN RADIO FOUNDED FEBRUARY 12th 1931. The Founding of Vatican Radio. Pray with the Pope. News. Short-Wave Schedule Index. Satellite Schedule Index...News and information from the Vatican and the Catholic World. Live and audio on demand direct from the Vatican. Jeff Cohen is Director.

    rafile.gifEnglish News from Radio Vatican.

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    Welcome to the BEGGAR KING Homepage

    This page is dedicated to the promotion of Jesus Christ and His Church through the understanding of the Catholic Faith. Our faith as Catholics flows first from our faith in God. For us, God is not just an idea, theory or principle, but a living Presence, a Person to be encountered, known

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  • Nearer my God to thee.

    Catholic Pages. This site contains information on all things Catholic: the Church, the Pope, the Cardinals & Bishops; the Virgin Mary, Saints and Angels; Sin and Moral Issues; the Sacraments of Confession, Communion and Marriage; the Mass, Prayers and Devotions; it even has Catholic jokes!"> Frequently Asked Questions about the Catholic Church THE CATHOLIC CHURCH is the world's largest, and Christianity's oldest, religious body. Her 860 million members inhabit the width and breadth of the earth, comprising almost one-fifth of the total human population. She is far and away the most popular religious concept the world has ever known. Paradoxically, however, the Catholic Church is also the world's most controversial religious concept. Catholic belief is different, too different to be orthodox, say Protestants and Christian cultists. Catholic belief is too ethereal to be logical, and too strict to be enjoyable, say the humanists and agnostics Hence to millions of people, Catholicism is not only a colossal success, it is also a colossal enigma. Of course, there has to be an explanation for these contradictory opinions-- and there is an explanation: Protestants and others who have questions about Catholic belief too often

    Catholic Online MediaFeature Articles. The following is the latest news from Catholic World News, the independent news syndicate operating exclusively through the internet and.

    Envoy.magazineEnvoy Magazine logo. is a new bi-monthly journal of Catholic apologetics and evangelization, edited by Patrick Madrid, editor of the best-selling book, Surprised by Truth. While there are a few other periodicals that deal, at least ostensibly, with this subject area, Envoy. magazine is distinct from them in every way -- graphically, editorially, and in content. It presents the truths of the Catholic Faith in a fresh, contemporary style, featuring today's top Catholic writers, full-color graphics, and an upbeat, innovative format. The Holy Father's call for a "New Evangelization" requires that the Catholic laity be not only knowledgeable about the Faith, but also prepared to explain it intelligently, defend it charitably, and share it effectively. Envoy. is an instrument at the service of the local and universal Church to accomplish this task.

    DAILY CATHOLIC. Now broaden your perspective on Catholicism DAILY with the inspiring and provocative DAILY CATHOLIC. Published Monday through Friday at The only regular English-speaking daily publication for Catholics in the world. 250 issues a year! FREE to all! The DAILY CATHOLIC is a must for all Catholics and parishes. Taste and See!">

    The Catholic Community Forum

    We offer a place for Catholics and anyone interested in the Church to communicate with each other. Your parish will be able to get information to you via its own WWW home site, and provide links for you to get information to your parish. We offer real time chat and threaded discussion groups for our visitors to browse, follow or join in. We will also offer many links to other World Wide Web sites of interest, like The Vatican, your Diocese and many other organizations, both lay and clerical

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