St. David I of Scotland.

Feastday: May 24th

David was the youngest son of St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland and her good husband, King Malcolm. He become King himself when he was about 40. Those who knew him well saw how little he wanted to accept the royal crown. But once he was King he was a very good one.

St. David ruled his kingdom with great justice. He was very charitable to the poor and let all his subjects come to visit him whenever they desired. He gave everyone good example with his own love of prayer. Under this holy king, the people of Scotland united more closely and became better Christians.

King David established new dioceses and built many new monasteries. He gave much money to the Church during his rule of about twenty years.

Two days before he died, he received the last Sacraments and spent his time praying with those attending him. The next day, they urged him to rest, but he answered: "Let me think about the things of God, instead, so that my soul may be strenghtened on it's trip from exile to home." By home, the Saint meant our heavenly home. "When I stand before God's judgement seat, you will not be able to answer for me or defend me," he said. "No one will be able to deliver me from His hand." So he kept on praying right up until he died.

When we are tempted to excuse our faults by saying," Everyone else does it," let us remember that this excuse will not count when we go before God to be judged....

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