Saint David of Wales.

Saint David is the Patron Saint of Wales.

His date of death is March 1st.

His Feast day is March 1st.

He was an Archbishop.

He is known primarily for his sermons and wisdom of his words.


ball.gif St. David

According to tradition, St. David was the son of King Sant of South Wales and St. Non. He was ordained a priest and later studied under St. Paulinus. Later, he was involved in missionary work and founded a number of monasteries. The monastery he founded at Menevia in Southwestern Wales was noted for extreme asceticism. David and his monks drank neither wine nor beer .... (Catholic Online Saints Site).

ball.gifSt. David, Bishop, Patron Saint of Wales.

Outline of the life of St. David, Bishop, Patron Saint of Wales, including his association with St. Patrick of Ireland, as told by Harri Webb.

ball.gifDewi of Wales

Dewi (David in English) was the founder, abbot, and bishop of the monastery of Mynyw (Menevia in English) in Pembrokeshire. He was responsible for much of the spread of Christianity in Wales, and his monastery was sought out by many scholars from Ireland and elsewhere.

ball.gif St. David, Archbishop, Patron of Wales.

St. David, in Welsh Dewid, was son of Xantus, prince of Ceretica, now Cardiganshire. He was brought up in the service of God, and, being ordained priest, retired into the Isle of Wight and embraced an ascetic life, under the direction of Paulinus, a learned and holy man, who had..

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